Basic Income Advocacy

Join the push for a cash floor

Recruit your mayor to join the Mayors for a Guaranteed Income network

(Option 1) Talk to your mayor directly using the Mayors for a Guaranteed Income resources, and then your mayor can email the MGI network directly to join.

(Option 2) Use Income Movement's petition toolkit to gather signatures in order to recruit your mayor to join the Mayors for a Guaranteed Income network.

Democracy reforms

Join the push to reclaim citizen power

Rank the Vote is helping organize and promote ranked choice voting. Join your state's ranked choice voting advocacy group.

RepresentUs is leading the congressional pressure efforts & supporting state efforts for various democracy reforms to protect voter rights and increase government accountability and transparency. 


Attend the 6th Annual American Democracy Summit (formerly Unrig Summit). 

2023 Theme: Demand Better Democracy
Coming together from across the political spectrum to tackle gerrymandering, money in politics, voting rights, election security, and more.

Sep 27-29, 2023 in Los Angeles, California